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About Vanessa

        Contemporary Fine artist, Vanessa Craan, is best known for her colorful and vibrant acrylic portraits overflowing with emotions.

While her talent and passion manifested themselves from an early age, it was during her studies at La Escuela de Diseño Altos de Chavon, in the Dominican Republic, that her scope of work expanded to experimenting with various media in the areas of drawing, sculpting, illustrating and printmaking. However, as her preference for acrylic quickly became apparent, Vanessa’s technique evolved to the main use of palette knives to emphasize texture and bring her subjects to life.

         Her work has been featured in Casa de Campo, the Imago Mundi Collection, Le Salon International du Livre and the Haitian Heritage Museum, amongst others. In 2019, she was commissioned by the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington D.C. to commemorate the victims of slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The triptych is currently displayed at the OAS headquarters for a period of 15 years before entering the archives of the Art Museum of the Americas (AMA). Her artwork has captivated many during her various collective exhibits.

For many years, Vanessa has also devoted herself to the betterment of the education system in Haiti as a zealous art teacher and administrator.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Florida International University and is currently the art teacher for Archimedean Middle and Upper Conservatories. 


OAS Headquarters, Washington DC, USA, (2019)

Group exhibitions:

Studio Walsh, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (2020)

Haitian Heritage Museum, Miami, USA (2019)

Hotel Villa Thérèse, Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2017)

Art Beat Miami, Little Haiti Cutural Center, USA (2015)

Art Basel Week Event, Miami, USA (2015)

Festival Arts, Pétion-Ville, Haiti, (2015)

Salon International du livre, Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2015)

Cercle Bellevue, Bourdon, Haiti, (Dec. 2014)

Cercle Bellevue, Bourdon, Haiti, (May 2014)

Haiti Portrait, Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2014)

United Nations Residency, Laboule, Haiti (2013)

Villa 221, Miami, USA (2011)

Festival Arts, Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2011)

The Circle, Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2008)

Orphelinat St Joseph, Delmas, Haiti (2006)

Graduation exhibit, Casa Chavon, Santo Domingo, DR (2004)

Graduation exhibit, La Galeria, Altos de Chavon, DR (2004)

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